Who to Hire: Video Production Companies vs Hiring In-House


This is a perfect read for startup companies who are having troubles on deciding how they want their video content produced. Statistics show that the average internet user spends 88% more time on a website if it has video content than without. The demand for video is higher than ever. So what are your options as a business owner?


You can hire an In-House Videographer.

Sure, the benefits of having a videographer working within your company seems attractive. Although you can have more control over that employee’s schedule, that one videographer “will have trouble wearing many hats. Creative, planning, directing, lighting, editing, color grading and distributing is a lot to ask for one person.” And the results of hiring a one man band will not meet your expectations of time efficiency or quality outcome.


You can hire a Video Production Team.

The goal for every business is to connect with your customers. Partnering with an ardent video team that has original creativity can help you succeed in meeting the ever-changing marketing trends. These teams have the experience and skills to deliver your brand’s message. Impress your customers, reach out with visual stories that connects them to your products or services.


Video Production Companies are great venues for developing your video content. They’ve already established a successful team that works well together, and their workflow gets you quality results within an impressive time frame. Interested in growing your company through innovative video content? Connect with ONI Media Group today.

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