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While growing our business, we tend to learn more and more about the how to approach our small business community. Each client is different, and each business is different. So how do we market our services to future clientele?

It is important to understand the “wants” of a client instead of focusing on their “needs”. The owner of a paint store wants a video for a tour through their show room. You may think, a tour? This company needs a promotional video to establish their presence and advertise their services first.

The paint store is not your business, and this is not what the paint store owner is you asking for.

While filming one of our Beckman Coulter productions, we were instructed to film the instruments while being operated. They wanted these videos to show operators on site on how to use the machines. We did as requested and made sure the video was exactly what they wanted. Happy with our work, they hired us back to do promotional videos, interviews, more training videos, and blurbs for their website. During the most recent productions, they gave us freedom to film shots more creatively, and valued our opinion throughout the production as well as post-production.

Gain your clients trust, listen to their wants, and support them. Always be on the same page with them. Build a relationship of understanding with your client and they will eventually trust your opinion and want your services again.